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Graduate Student Teaching Award

Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Graduate Student Teaching Award recognizes and honours graduate students at the University of Lethbridge who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and proficiency in their teaching roles, fostering a positive learning experience for students. 


Award Details

Value: $500


This award is open to:

- Students enrolled part-time or full-time in any graduate degree program at the University of Lethbridge.
- Nominees must have served in a teaching role involving direct interaction with students within the current academic year.


Criteria for Assessment

Nominees will be assessed based on:

- Nominations from both professors and students.
- The nominee's support of students in their teaching role.
- Teaching experience within the context of their assigned graduate assistantship.
- Adjudication based on the applicant’s teaching philosophy, the application of that philosophy, and the student’s review of their teaching.

**Note:** This award is competitive and can only be received once per degree level.

Payment Process

- Payment is made after adjudication and upon confirmation of enrollment during the semester the graduate student was nominated.

Nomination Process

Nominations for exceptional Teaching Assistants (or lab instructors, tutorial instructors, etc.) will be solicited from undergraduate students. The process involves:

1. Nomination Deadline: August 1st
2. Nominee Documents Due: August 31st

All nominees from the preceding academic year will be concurrently adjudicated in September, with disbursement in October.

Recipient Selection

Selection will be determined by the GSA Awards Committee based on the deadline noted above. After receiving a nomination, the nominee will be contacted to provide a statement, including a brief description of their teaching role and their teaching philosophy. The nominee’s supervisor (or lab coordinator, etc.) will also be asked to provide an acknowledgment confirming the nominee’s teaching.

The Graduate Student Teaching Award is an acknowledgment of the crucial role graduate students play in shaping the academic experience for their peers. 

Awards Timeline

If the Terms of Reference (TOR), award description, and/or award application disagree, the TOR will be taken as correct.

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