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Graduate Students Spaces


Study Carrels

Our Study Carrels give students the unique opportunity to lease a private space right on campus. Whether you are conducting research or working on your tesis, having a secluded space can make all the difference in your productivity and success.


Applications are open throughout the semester, giving you ample time to secure your private space.


The lease term for the Study Carrels spans one year, ensuring you have a consistent and reliable space to cater to your academic needs.

Applications can be submitted anytime. After submitting your application, expect an email notification within two weeks. This email will include important information such as approval status, the lease agreement, and next steps. Approval depends on availability and approval from the GSA Council.

To ensure the security and proper usage of the Study Carrels, we require a one-time key deposit of $25. This deposit serves as a safeguard and is fully refundable upon the return of the key at the end of the leasing period or termination by the student or the GSA Council. It is our way of maintaining the integrity of the spaces while also offering you peace of mind.

After the one-year lease term ends, GSA will notify you that your lease agreement has concluded. You may return the key and receive the key-deposit fee. We will inform you in advance when the key will no longer work so that you can return the space in the same condition you received it.


You have the option to renew your Study Carrel lease agreement. To renew, simply fill out the application again, await a decision from the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and sign a new lease agreement. We are committed to providing a seamless process for those who wish to continue enjoying the benefits of our Study Carrels.

If you have any inquiries or need clarification about the Study Carrel spaces, feel free to reach out to us.

Grad Student Lounge

Grad students are able to use the Grad Student Lounge space in many ways! Studying, storing food (fridge and freezer provided), making tea or coffee (kettles and coffee makers provided), playing foosball, having group meetings, and more!  

Location  Markin Hall, M3005  

Rules:  This space is your space.  Please keep it clean and be respectful.   If the use of this space is abused where students are not cleaning up after using the facility,  or if students are found being disrespectful to other students within this space, the GSA has the right to change the access code and deny any individual access.


Group Study Space

Anderson Hallfeature 3

Group study/project space (talking permitted)

  • AH117

  • Capacity: 10 people

  • Bookings can be managed by the students themselves using the online tool

  • Available in up to two-hour time slots

  • Between 8:30 am - 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday; Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Two white boards, two black boards chalk, desks and chairs


Refresh, Energize, Connect:  The creation of the R.E.C. Rooms is inspired by research indicating that students who regularly engage in play, interaction, exercising, helping others, learning something new, and spiritual activities are more likely to succeed academically and report positive well-being.  This is a community-building and wellness initiative.


The collaborating units for the development of the R.E.C. Rooms include the ULSU, the Library, Agility Innovation Zone, Athletics, Iikaisskini Gathering Place, and Student Affairs. 

For an update to all the study spaces available on the Lethbridge Campus please click HERE
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