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Student Event Financial Assistance

Student Event Financial Assistance

The GSA has funding available to support its members in planning academic or social events. To be considered for financial assistance, an event must contribute to the advancement of the GSA's mandate.


General Information:

  • The GSA will consider funding applications on an individual basis. Any one group or individual may apply for this funding a maximum of one time per year (May-April).

  • Events at which alcohol or other controlled/regulated substances are available will not be funded.

  • Depending upon the nature of the event, attendees may be required to sign waivers of responsibility before funding is provided

  • The maximum amount that will be awarded for any event is the lesser of $500 or 50% of the budgeted cost of the event

  • Payment will made only upon the provision of receipts to the GSA

  • One person associated with planning the event should take responsibility for communicating with the GSA and submit the completed application


The deadline to submit applications is ongoing; however, your application must be received at least four (4) weeks before the date of the event to which this award is to be applied.

Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.


Applications can be emailed to

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