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University Students

Student Clubs

Do you feel passionate about traveling, cooking, sport or religion? Do you want to build a cultural community or gather people with similar ideas? Or simply make new friends and have fun? Become a member of one of the GSA clubs or better, create your own! Seriously, there are only 3 steps.

  1. Download the GSA club ratification form. Make sure it is filled to completion.

  2. Attach to the form:

    • a copy of the meeting minutes of the student group at which the club constitution is approved

    • approved club constitution (here is a sample constitution)

  3. Create an email for your club

A club can be ratified any time from September 1st to April 1st; a Club ceases to be ratified on August 31st of every year. Applications submitted after March 1st will be considered for September intake.

Your club must submit an annual report to the GSA every year. Please refer to Bylaw 22 of the GSA Bylaws for more details on the ratification process and documentation. Instructions and samples of annual report can be found here. For a more verbose and in depth account of club ratification, policies and procedures, click the download button below.

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