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Travel Award

Travel Award

This award is designed to empower graduate students in their pursuit of knowledge by providing financial assistance for travel, accommodation, or registration fees associated with attending conferences, workshops, courses, or professional seminars.

Award Details

  • Value: Up to $500

  • Maximum Awards: 24 annually (12 in summer semester, 6 per semester in Fall/Spring, with a minimum of 3 per year)


This award is available to:

  • Students enrolled part-time or full-time in any graduate degree program at the University of Lethbridge.


Criteria for Consideration

Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Presentation at or attendance of an internationally recognized conference or at a workshop, course, or professional seminar is required for degree completion.

  • Financial need.

  • Current program year (preference given to students approaching the end of their program).

Payment Process

  • Payment is made after adjudication and upon confirmation of presenting or attending the event and enrolment at the University of Lethbridge during the semester awarded.

Application Process

To apply for the Association Travel Award, follow these steps:

  • Submit the application by November 1, March 1, or August 1, prior to attending the conference or event.

  • The application form must include the supervising faculty member’s signature, verifying the student's involvement in an internationally recognized conference or a required workshop, course, or professional seminar.

Note: Students can only access one travel award per degree level. In the event of more applications than available awards, preference may be given to full-time students.


Required by November 1, March 1, and August 1. The application form must be submitted prior to attending the conference, with the supervising faculty member’s signature verifying the student's participation in an eligible event.

The Association Travel Award is a gateway to expanding your academic horizons. Apply now and let your academic journey take flight!

Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.

Applications can be emailed to

Awards Timeline

In the event that the Terms of Reference (TOR), award description, and/or the award application are in disagreement with one another, the TOR will be taken as correct.

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