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Our Mandate

Oki, and Welcome to the University of Lethbridge,

In beginning your graduate program at the University of Lethbridge, you have joined an amazingly diverse group of students that you will be able to share your graduate journey. While the programs at the University of Lethbridge span many program types, delivery methods, and of course, their own challenges, the University of Lethbridge Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) represents the common thread that connects all graduate students together.

The GSA provides representation, support, and advocacy to all graduate students at the University of Lethbridge. We have established a vast network of on-campus communications allowing us to connect you with appropriate people if we aren't able to provide direct help from our office.


The GSA aims to provide well-rounded support, including financial support through awards and bursaries, mental health support, social events, and an annual multidisciplinary conference for the dissemination of graduate student work on campus.

Whether you are just beginning your graduate journey or are preparing to submit final documents towards your degree, we encourage you to reach out to the GSA with any concerns and seek any support you may need.

Our Bylaws

The work of the GSA is only made possible by the dedicated Council Members

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