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Emergency Bursary

Emergency Bursary 

The GSA Emergency Bursary, generously funded by the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA), is a lifeline for graduate students facing unforeseen financial challenges. We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, and our commitment is to support students during these difficult times.

Bursary Details

  • Value: Up to $500

  • Limit: One bursary per academic year, per student

  • Number: Up to 15 bursaries available


This bursary is available to:

  • Students enrolled part-time or full-time in any graduate degree program at the University of Lethbridge.

Criteria for Ranking the Pool

Applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Financial need

Payment Process

  • Payment is made upon confirmation of enrolment at the University of Lethbridge in the current semester and upon approval of the application for the emergency bursary.

Application Process

To apply for the GSA Emergency Bursary, follow these steps:

  • Submit a completed application and provide supporting documentation to demonstrate your financial need.

  • Applicants can receive this bursary once in an academic year (May 1st to April 30th).

  • Applications will be adjudicated in the order they are received until the funding is fully dispersed.

Recipient Selection

Selection will be determined by the GSA Awards Committee based on the following:

  • Applications are adjudicated in the order they are received.

  • Deadlines for application submission will be strictly observed.

How It Works

  1. Application Submission: Complete the application form and submit it with supporting documentation to showcase your financial need.

  2. Adjudication: The GSA Awards Committee will review applications in the order they are received, considering financial need as the primary criterion.

  3. Payment: Once your application is approved and your enrolment at the University of Lethbridge for the current semester is confirmed, the bursary payment will be processed.

The GSA Emergency Bursary was established with the sole purpose of providing timely financial assistance to graduate students facing unexpected financial hardships. We are dedicated to ensuring that our graduate community has the support it needs during challenging times. Applications are accepted and processed throughout the academic year until the allocated bursaries are fully dispersed. Your well-being matters, and we are here to help when you need it most.

Incomplete applications will automatically be rejected.

Applications can be emailed to

Awards Timeline

In the event that the Terms of Reference (TOR), award description, and/or the award application are in disagreement with one another, the TOR will be taken as correct.

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