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Education Campaign For Renters Rights

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Lethbridge, AB, Canada

About the Role

Student renters are an increasingly vulnerable population, especially international students and those renting for the first time. A lack of understanding of the rights of tenants in Alberta can lead to the exploitation and unfair treatment of students. If renters in Alberta seek out additional information, this is often landlord-centred or neutral at best, but students need a much more clear picture on this information, that speaks to their unique needs.

Help us create a thriving student body of informed community members that are better equipped to find housing, sign better agreements with landlords, end tenancies effectively and have a clear picture of what to do in a possible scenario when things are working out while the students live in their homes.

Throughout the year, we hope to:

Lead Q&A information sessions
Create a plethora of informative flyers, pamphlets and documentation
Work to engage the student body during events and other platforms
Advocate for the rights of renters

This opportunity is for you if you are:
A student at Uleth
Have a desire to help your fellow peers!
Interested in becoming involved on campus
Excited to make a difference!



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